And now we are saying there is a racist aspect to Star Wars?

Ravings of a Mad Southerner

The arrest of fifteen Georgia residents who SUPPOSIDLY crashed a black neighborhood birthday party while flying Confederate Battle Flags, brandishing weapons and shouting racial epitaphs has once again ignited discussion about our Southern heritage and hate.

During a conversation with a really good friend, one whose opinion I respect a great deal, it suddenly became apparent that I had misrepresented myself. Our conversation was about the Confederate Battle Flag that recently was removed from our State House dome. From some of my previous post, she mistakenly believed that I was of the opinion that the flag was one of the reasons Dylann Roof decided to pull the trigger that took nine lives earlier this summer. I don’t believe that any more than I believe the gun was at fault. What I do believe is that both of these inanimate objects were a part of the same environment that spawned him…

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