I don’t make resolutions but I do set goals. Is there a difference? Probably only in my mind as I tell myself goals are harder to break. Unlike resolutions I do try to create a plan of action to accomplish those goals. That being said….

I am squinting down the barrel of a rapidly approaching sixty-sixth year and once again it is time for reflection and assessment. I look at my goals from 2015 and find I was able to meet some, other’s not so much. The ones met or almost met dealt with physical fitness but I am not sure I did anything about my emotional and mental well-being at all. Consequently, my 2016 goals will reflect a change paradigm…I hope.

1. I will focus on the effort of my physical labor and not on the outcome. Running, walking or cycling are as important for my head as they are for my body but I am not going to sweat the small stuff…my knees on the other hand….

2. I will become more self-reliant and self-sufficient. No I’m not going to build an “end of the world bunker” but I will adopt some of the philosophies of my grandparents. I will grow heirlooms veggies and save the seed for next year…starting with tomatoes. No matter how hot it is in August, I will can the bounty of my garden. A few chickens…? For some reason I want to make cheese.
3. I will take control of my life and my yard and my home with it. I will no longer be a “rudderless ship” with a “honey do” list that grows longer while my life-line grows shorter. I will learn to work better instead of longer.

4. I will write something daily…even if it is just a shopping or a “to do” list.

5. If I write a “to do” list, I will complete at least one “to do” before I sleep.

6. I will read something daily…even if it is a cereal box at breakfast. If it is a cereal box, I will make sure it is a healthy cereal.

7. I will not let Social Media control my life but I will confront lies and unfriend poisonous people. Life is just too short.

8. I will be more aware and diligent of the needs of my family and friends. Again life is too short.

9. I will become more spiritual. Not just my relationship with my God and my Christ, I will become spiritually in tune with my life and its surroundings. I will be a good steward of my world. Again life is too short.

10. I will quit saying “life is too short” and live my life as if “life is too short.”

11. I will be the husband, father, grandfather, brother and person I need and want to be.

12. I will take time to “smell the roses” and enjoy the “little” things because “Life’s….” Damn, I have already broken 9…it’s okay it is still 2015.

I welcome you all to 2016 and hope we will all work together to make it a memorable year. May we all put our political, cultural and racial differences aside. As I embrace my aging “Spock” “Live long and prosper.”

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