In honor of World Naked Gardening Day 2018, an excerpt from “Cornfields…in my mind.”

My apologies.  There are times it’s okay to show your naked, lily-white derriere.  Taking a bath or shower, weighing oneself, sleeping in the buff, skinny dippin’ or faire l’amour…which I guess the last two or three could be related.  I would say, unless you are in a nudist colony, baring your butt outdoors in your bean patch ain’t one of those times.  ‘Specially if your bean patch is adjacent to a well-traveled highway.

My apologies are for the three carloads of folk and the loaded church bus passing by while I was trying to get out of my shorts and skivvies.  My intent was to run and get behind my small stand of raccoon ravaged corn.  I was embarrassed because it’s hard to get out of your shorts if you’re not trying to get out of your boots first.  I was embarrassed because there were no cheers emanating from any those vehicles as I displayed my butt and other body parts.  I guess it could’a been the shock.  I was also embarrassed by the face and head plant into the crooked necked squash plant when I became tangled in my shorts.  It could have been worse; the cops could have shown up.

In a previous post, I admitted to weed-eating while wearing shorts because I found myself to be less susceptible to multiple yellow jacket stings that way.  Well…to be honest I wear shorts all the time this time of year unless I am picking blackberries or raspberries.  For some reason, one of the devil’s stinging minions decided my pant leg would be a great place to fly up and into.  Note to self, when wearing shorts choose jockey style underwear and not boxer style.  With the little bastard zeroing in on my soft inner thigh, just under my dangling body parts, you understand why I wasn’t too concerned with embarrassing myself.

Sometime later, as I was readjusted my clothes and inspected body parts behind the stand of corn, I remembered a childhood experience.  At a very young age, four or five, I had followed my grandmother into her garden.  As I did whatever four or five-year old’s do, I noticed my grandmother’s movements suddenly becoming reminiscent of a body being possessed by some devilish spirit.  Her gyrations were quite violent and featured a lot of slapping and yelling.  Suddenly, to my surprise, she began stripping off her “feed sack” dress in the attempt to rid herself of what we called a Russian hornet.  It had flown up her dress and was in attack mode.  Her revelations did not scar me for life, but I was momentarily struck blind by her whiteness.  “Them” body parts ain’t never, ever seen the light of day.

Oh well, in case you were wondering, I avoided major injury or an insect sting to my physical person, but my pride might have suffered just a bit…and I don’t think some of the crooked neck squash will survive…hope the folks on the church bus do.

This is an excerpt from the book “Cornfields…in my mind” and can be downloaded or purchased at https://www.amazon.com/Don-Miller/e/B018IT38GM

Image from CNN Entertainment



  1. HaHA! I’m in sympathy with you. Two years ago while gardening a hornet got up my trouser leg and stung me! I shrieked some ‘expletive deleted’ language and stripped off the trousers! Our back garden is not visible from the road so no passers by were treated to the vision of my long white legs!

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  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA*snort*HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I can’t stop laughing! (Not laughing AT you, laughing WITH you. You are laughing about it now…right. ???? 😀 )

    What a grand show you put on for the passer-bys, especially the church folk!!! 😮 😛
    But, I’m sorry you had a stinging-devil threatening your family-jewels! Ack!

    HA! I think the squash will be okay. Do you grow any potatoes or corn?! Just wondering. Since the taters have eyes and the corn has ears…you might have given them quite a shock!

    Oh, your poor Grandma! 😦 Yes, I feel bad for her.

    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…One time I was sitting on my porch drinking some iced tea while my portly neighbor was cutting his lawn. He was wearing only baggy shorts and shoes. When he bent over to pick something up off of the grass, he mooned me, AND blinded me, with his white rear end. 😮 From then on, I wore sunglasses when sitting on my porch. 😉 😛


  3. My wife just called from upstairs and asked what I was laughing at.
    This excerpt is hilarious, and completely relatable. I have a couple of friends who would voluntarily run off a cliff, if it was their only way to avoid a wasp. Great piece!

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