Daniel R. Cobb: Democracy Dies Without You

“Your hopes and dreams must be expressed and infused into our Democracy, by your vote.” It is “YOUR” Election Day. No matter what your beliefs, it is your day to cast your vote for your Democracy.


Vox Populi

Everything that lives needs sustenance.  Every rose. Every child. Without sustenance, life perishes.

Democracy is a living thing because it embodies the vibrant, shining hopes and dreams of the people.  Democracy is not just about the people themselves, but their intentions, their hopes and dreams –  their vote. What good is a dream that is never embraced?  What good is hoped-for change without the courage to pursue it?

We hope for social justice, for sentencing and incarceration reforms for minorities, an end to the rampant bigotry, racism and misogyny, and an end to skyrocketing hate crimes. We demand gun law reforms, campaign finance reform, meaningful Wall Street regulations, drug policy reforms, and affordable and robust healthcare.  We demand responsible corporate tax rates, an end to the trillions in Republican tax giveaways to themselves, an end to the war on Social Security and Medicaid, a government committed to addressing climate change and so much more.


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