Dad’s Day

Some thoughts on Father’s Day.

Reflections Of A Gasbag

Sunday is Father’s Day. Father’s Day has never meant too much to me. Both my parents died when I was young so I never really got to know either of them and I have never been a father. I never really dwell on either. One I had no control, the other was a mutual decision. Seeing a young girl dressed like a hooker or a young boy wearing skinny jeans with a man bun has made me wonder what kind of Dad I may have been and just imagining if they were the demon like I was as a kid really gave me pause on the whole child thing. Having a crazy dog has shed many of insights on my parenting skills. I have learned that I more than likely would have sucked and my life had been spared jail time for murdering a boyfriend.

There is a downside of…

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2 thoughts on “Dad’s Day

  1. Excellent write and read!
    Thank you for sharing this, Don!
    Father’s Day (and Mother’s Day) can carry such mixed emotions for many reasons.
    (((HUGS))) and Happy Father’s Day to you AND all of the other good men!!! I greatly appreciate the good men in my life…some have already passed, but some are still here to make my life more joyful! 🙂


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