Ravings of a Mad Southerner

I was nearly a decade away from even being a glimmer in my parent’s eyes when the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor occurred on December 7, 1941, so I have no true remembrances of the “Day Which Will Live in Infamy”. My remembrances come from listening to my father and his buddies talking, history books and movies.

My father, a single, twenty-six-year-old at the time, did what many patriotic young men did and with several friends headed to the Marine recruitment center to join up…only to find out he was 4F due to a birth defect he didn’t even know he had. Determined, he attempted to enlist in the Navy and Army but was turned down. Two years later, the now-married twenty-eight-year-old, would receive a letter that might have begun “Greetings, your friends and neighbors….” Drafting a married, twenty-eight-year-old missing an entire row of ribs and vertebrae they attached to…

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3 thoughts on “REMEMBERING PEARL HARBOR Revisited

  1. Thank you for re-sharing this post, Don.
    I met a man in the early 1990’s who was a Pearl Harbor survivor. I became great friends with Jack and his wife. He was a sweet dear man! He lived to be in his 80’s. He died, oh gosh…16 years or more, ago, now. I still miss him.


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