Hooray For Me…

And the hell with everybody else.

I grew up in a world where people were supportive of each other, regardless of political viewpoint.  If you were a liberal, conservatives might look at you side-eyed and shake their heads, but they supported you as a human being. They might talk about you behind your back, call you a ‘quare’ bird, but it was usually in whispers and in all honesty, where I grew up there were few liberals…still are few liberals.

I don’t know where that world has gone.  I hope, pray, that it is just a vocal minority but they seem to have developed a loud “hooray for me and the hell with everybody else” attitude.  Sounds selfish to me but then who am I to accuse?  I’ll just say if the shoe fits wear it. It is my opinion.

The most vocal don’t believe that falling sick to Covid is worse than getting the vaccine or the “jab” as they like to call it.  I detest hearing “I don’t need it. God will call me home when he deems it is time.”  I hate hearing “It is no worse than the flu.” Some three hundred and fifty thousand more were called to their heavenly home in 2020 than in 2019 and we seem to be on a similar schedule for 2021.

Where does free will fit into this?  If I choose to roller-skate on a crowded boulevard during rush hour and am crushed by a beer truck, is that God’s will?  Where does “data” figure into this? “Oh, don’t waste my time with data, my mind is made up. There is a chance I’ll survive and if I don’t, it’s God’s will.” Not my god.

It appears that some of the same vocal minority believe storms, wildfires, and changes in climate patterns are a symptom of an angry god rather than the prodrome of a sick planet. Yep, science is for sissies, and New York got flooded because of liberal leadership despite the fact Ida traveled from New Orleans to New York over several conservative states.

Somehow the liberal media and all the world’s liberal leaders have figured out a way to keep a secret.  A worldwide plot to eradicate conservatism with facemasks, vaccines, windmills, and solar panels.  Covid and Climate Change are all hoaxes or a plot.  All we must do is take vitamins, exercise, eat well, and sweep out our forests.  If that doesn’t work, animal dewormer…yeah, I know they make it for humans too…for parasites. Just say no to windmills and solar panels while you are at it.

I’m trying to picture my parents, Ernest and Eldora Miller, members of the “Greatest Generation”, standing in a picket line, or screaming at a school board about the evils of Satan’s mask mandate and waving placards denouncing returns to Marx’s virtual learning. I can’t picture it because it would have never happened.  It is almost too humorous to consider.

Lord help us if someone mentions “lockdown.”  Oh, that slippery slope toward communism.

How did wearing a mask or getting a “jab” lead us to arguments about freedom?  Do you want the freedom to infect your family, friends, and the old guy you passed in the checkout at Wally World? 

Why are we not supportive of humankind?  Somehow humankind has become a triggering word too.  Why should we worry about people in other parts of the world not named Afghanistan?  That pesky, “Love thy neighbor” thing in the Bible? 

Does this mean my parents were unaware at best or stupid at worst?  No, they were concerned about their family, friends, neighbors, and people they had never met.  Old Ernest and Eldora saw a way to make life better for all.  They were concerned about the human collective except the most vocal will take offense to me using the word collective.  Collective is just too close to communal, and we all know where communal leads. To the great communist devil hiding under our beds.

Somewhere in the dimly lit past, I remember loading up after church into our 1953 Ford Customline and driving to our small school, standing in line with all the people I had just been in church with at the cafeteria.  My parents, grandparents, brother, and me.  Why?  To eat lunch? No. To receive the Salk vaccine on a sugar cube.  No one was protesting and polio disappeared.  Imagine that and I grew up in a most conservative place.  There was no discussion of mandates.  There didn’t need to be.

What happened to us?

Commander Spock of Star Trek fame uttered these words in the movie “The Wrath of Khan,” “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” Captain Kirk answers, “Or the one.” I agree with Spock even though he was a fictional character.

Many will say that Spock’s utterance is too utilitarian, the doctrine that an action is right if it promotes safety and happiness, and that the greatest happiness of the greatest number should be the guiding principle of conduct.  I certainly believe sacrificing oneself for the greater good is an individual choice but no one, not me or anyone else, is asking you to sacrifice your life.  I believe the data supports that and they are not going to take your guns either.

Do some people have potentially deadly issues with the vaccine and is it worth the fear?  Sure, but a very small percentage, 0.0017 percent have died after taking the vaccine through June 14, 2021.  People died from the polio vaccine.  Look up the Cutter Incident and it was caused by a mistake. 

Do the vaccinated still catch Covid? Yes, but look at the vaccination numbers versus unvaccinated and the recovery rate.  YOU LOOK IT UP. The data shows you are much more likely to recover if you do get it and are less likely to get it, period.

For those from the “Don’t confuse me with the facts group”, it would appear, logic has disappeared, worse, it appears logic is purposely being distorted. That worries me the most. People are getting sick. People are dying because hospitals are being filled with the unvaccinated.

To be clear.  Do mandates take away freedoms?  Of course.  What I’m saying is, we shouldn’t even have to mention mandates.

Don Miller writes on various subjects, mostly uplifting non-rants. His author’s page may be accessed at https://www.amazon.com/Don-Miller/e/B018IT38GM?fbclid=IwAR1smB-fmScUP0JbtXJZaCzDQXYPuJKLT-n4oLUE6ojWkNkHcug5ZFWD8DE

12 thoughts on “Hooray For Me…

  1. It’s a sunny Sunday morning, I’ve spent the last two days cleaning up after the Ida storm. Sitting here enjoying my coffee ☕ and reading your post. My answer is to your question is that the world has lost their compassion towards others.❤️

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  2. For the most part, people who won’t get vaccinated are fools. They are ignorant or idiotically stubborn or misguided or misinformed, or some combination of those traits. They are anti-common sense. They don’t care about the common good. I could go on and on about them.

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  3. I agree with you 100%. I am fully vaccinated and I have NO TIME WHATSOEVER for the people who are anti vaxx. I have a six year old Grandson. too young to be vaccinated. His parents are fully vaccinated and his 12 year old sister chose to be vaccinated as well. He has a 10 year old sister who is not vaccinated. Too young. If we have another lockdown and schools get closed again my Grandson will miss a lot of Grade 2 just as he missed most of Grade 1. People who refuse vaccination are selfish and dim witted in my opinion. And as for climate change deniers what about the devastating wild fires in CA? Is that God’s will? No! Anyway enough from me. Thanks for this post . You have said a lot of things that need to be said.

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  4. I agree 110%! Thank you for writing this and sharing it. So many of us feel the same way and can’t express it as well as you did.
    I grew up in the same world you did with parents like your parents. I don’t recognize the world today.
    Today we think back on this day 20 years ago…Part of the Never Forget of 9/11 should’ve been Americans working hard to remain united. But it seems (most of it by people’s own doing) we as a nation are torn in half. Sad and tragic things happen when hate, selfishness, pride, anger, etc., go unchecked.


  5. Wish I had had some of these facts and figures when I was trying to convince a friend of my mom’s (who is vaccinated) that her observant (I guess) Orthodox/Hasidic Jewish daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter should get vaccinated. I spent some time with them in her home a few weeks ago and missed the part where she told me of their status.
    As a nonobservant Reform/Liberal Jew, I have no idea if ANY branch of my religion REALLY has an objection to vaccinations, though one might think that given Israel’s stellar track record in this regard, there probably is not such a branch. Wish I’d thought of that when I was trying to get her to see the error of her family’s thinking re the mandate, and hers as well.
    Of course, the same daughter does not trust her coworkers to not “mix” her kosher foods in the shared frig of the office where she only has to go one day/week. So, at the same time she was being “threatened” with firing if she didn’t go and get her jab, she was issued the same threat if she didn’t remove her own personal frig.
    IDK if the daughter gets all her info from Fox News, but I know for sure the mother does. No wonder Mom liked telling me about all the arguments she had with this “sister from another mother”.


    • Geez. This is a lot to unpack. I’m from a red state (61% Trump) that considers itself if not the belt buckle of the Bible Belt, one of the belt loops. I’m a recovering Christian mainly because of the attitude taken by so many of my Christian friends. If they truly followed Jesus, would at least have on a mask. They don’t and argue God will take care of them. Fox News should have a warning, “For Entertainment Purposes Only.”


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